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Rams’ Realistic Expectations

After what was a positive draft, it is possible to see how the roster is shaping up; and equally what level of expectations we should have for the upcoming season. Having posed the question last week regarding people’s ‘realistic expectations’ for the 2014/15 season, there seems to be a general consensus.

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2013 Draft Class is the Real Draw in 2014

After the excruciatingly long wait for the 2014 draft to finally arrive, and the never ending amount of mock drafts, in which it seemed the Rams had been linked to drafting everyone from Johnny Manziel to Postman Pat, the Rams eventually acquired quite a haul.
Yet it is not this draft class that I am most looking forward to seeing in Blue and Gold in 2014; it is the class of 2013.

Bradford in action against the Texans. Via- St. Louis Rams

The Case For Sam

The declaration on Wednesday of Texas A&M’s superstar quarterback Johnny Manziel that he will be entering the 2014 NFL Draft is not one that was terribly surprising, but it is one that fanned the flames of a debate that has been burning ever since the end of the Rams’ season at CenturyLink Field a couple of weeks ago; should the Rams stay with Sam Bradford or cut him adrift?

The Rams faced off against the Bucs. via St. Louis Rams

‘State of the Rams’- Sackatron

In a season where the Rams have played well and won the games they shouldn’t, and not so well and lost games that perhaps we shouldn’t, the visit of Tampa Bay Buccaneers perhaps should have filled me with a sense of dread, but somehow it didn’t. I had a good feeling about this one, and it wasn’t just down to the throwback jerseys, which still look kind of right to me.